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ITACC: Information and Technical Assistance Center for Councils on Developmental Disabilities

ITACC At A Glance

Our goal is to provide the 56 State and Territory DD Councils timely, useful, training and technical assistance services designed to improve program performance, statutory compliance, and program outcomes across the network of DD Councils. In 2013, NACDD was awarded a 5-year federal grant to continue its Technical Assistance work.  NACDD has been the sole federally-funded training and technical assistance entity to the State Councils on Developmental Disabilities for nearly three decades. The technical assistance (TA) project within NACDD is called Information and Technical Assistance for Councils on Developmental Disabilities (ITACC). TA activities carried out under this grant are meeting the unique needs of each individual DD Council, and also addressing the systemic concerns and needs of the entire DD Council network. This work is done through knowledge development, training and education, and collaboration activities to meet DD council needs.

To learn more about ITACC’s services, subscribe to the Field Notes e-newsletter and access technical assistance, please visit Annually, a Technical Assistance Institute is conducted for DD Council members and staff to receive help to increase their impact within their state or territory. Attendees are provided up-to-date, best and promising practices information to help DD Councils improve their performance and achieve quality outcomes. To maximize the reach and enduring impact of the Technical Assistance Institute, the entire DD Council network has full access to the information provided through the posting of all related materials and resources from the event at

Knowledge Development

  • Webinars
  • Resource Materials
  • Trainings and Meetings


  • Individualized On-site Visits
  • Response to Requests for Information


  • Annual Needs Assessment
  • DD Network

ITACC hosts a List-serve for people to post questions, share information and network with each other. To become a member of the ITACC list-serve, please complete the form below. TA contract staff moderate the ITACC List-serve.

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